Victory of our Minds at Recovery Life

During my search to find meaning in this life, while awakening my spirit within, I uncovered the truth. I've found purpose and merit, which genuinely enlightened me to comprehend more clearly the role of my existence. The answers that have been revealed are very uncomplicated. I've learned over the course of my journey that yes, I am a complex individual; however, I also discovered that simplicity is the key to unleashing the energetic drive held within me. The arousing of my inner spirit has occurred due to the innovative manner I have learned to think about myself, and this life. I have finally released all hostility, fury, bleakness, and indignity that have been hindering my constructive development. Currently I can actually be appreciative of the morning sunrise, or an artistic song from a yellow-breasted sparrow. Happiness has now replaced the previous impurities of my past. I am everlastingly indebted that my exploration for meaning and worth was victorious.

Over the preceding four years, I have been searching meticulously to purge myself of my immature ways. Over that time, I've learned that if I utterly focus my mind and heart on an issue that I could achieve anything. Poor choices and thoughts truly result in devastating outcomes. I've learned to evaluate all possibilities before a decision is completed. I also discovered that once my mind becomes lucid, stimulated, and positively driven that I can assertively commence the process of true personal triumph. Moreover, by acknowledging my guiding spirit, which I call the Divine Essence, and by seeking His strength, while escalating my mind to a greater realm, I will acquire the strength, resilience, motivating might, and the knowledge crucial to fulfill my endeavors.

Today, I am sustaining calm fortitude, while staying long-suffering and perceptive. As I continue to absorb all knowledge, helpful criticism, counsel, suggestions, virtuous motivations, while always hearing the precision from my newly discovered inner influence, I will be ensured a safe and sound passage down the road to true serenity and freedom. My new inner voice is my channel to truth, to differentiate right from erroneous, to convict me of indulgence, to divulge defects of temperament, and it helps me to relocate towards its harmony and positive intention. I should therefore strive to shadow my conscience as it uncovers itself through my daily responsibilities.

I have learned through the course of my journey that if I pursue the positive motivations of my inner voice, uphold a strong determination to abide in truth, care for others, endure the trials I stumble upon, and abide in staying power and reliance that good will reign then I will rise above the challenges I face. I now experience and take pleasure in life's challenges and wonders. I live to my fullest potential. By relinquishing myself over to the care of the Divine Essence, I achieve the strength and valor essential to reclaim hope, self-esteem, self-acceptance, and the drive I will need to battle the perils of daily life. Obtaining these virtues will pave the way for me to travel along the road to true peace, personal fulfillment, progressive growth, and true freedom.

The expansion of my spiritual alertness has brought me gratification from the emptiness that I've been searching to fill my entire life. The Light that has thus been exposed has emerged from the awakening of my soul. I am being transformed into the likeness of the uprightness I seek. I've learned to persevere and proceed according to the things in which I now accept as true. My thoughts will enhance me, or tear me down, and can either prompt me towards rectitude, or disconnect me from my strength of mind. Dwelling on my past resentments, disgust, or anger will be tremendously detrimental. These tainted thoughts and feelings that I used to maintain ruined up my inspirations, destabilized my intentions, and were accountable for my faulty choices.

Victory of my mind opens innovative horizons for me to explore and embark upon. Infinite opportunities await me as I always bear in mind that I must keep my thoughts positive, wholesome, optimistic, unwavering, and confident if I wish to thrive. By concentrating my thoughts to achieve victory, and through the direction and leadership of my new inner voice, I will accomplish my goals and ascend above the challenges I face. This recently discovered attentiveness has lately handed me a great amount of hope, tranquility, loyalty, and the drive I need to succeed.

Today, I live in agreement with the illumination that has been revealed to me. I am in high spirits, at ease, and faithful that my future will flourish from this new knowledge that I've received through my hard exertion and exploration for the truth. I foresee great things to come because I will continue to uphold the diligence and strong focus that will be needed for unending growth and personal achievement to transpire. I am delighted in the maturity that I've gained. I must never forget about this knowledge, or fail to recall the magnitude that it bears. I've unquestionably found the truth that I've sought after for years, and I'm appreciative for the great amount of personal growth that it brought me.

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