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Utah, like many other states in America, has its share of drug related problems. Local law enforcement has to deal with preventing the distribution and use of drugs such as heroin, methamphetamines, marijuana, crack and cocaine. Predatory or club drugs are also used as well.

Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in Utah. Many people assume that is the least dangerous of the other options and are unaware of many of the dangers associated with its use and therefore, choose this one in favor of "harder" drugs. However, marijuana can cause brain damage, memory loss and can lead to the development of mental disorders or causes those disorders already present, to manifest.

Prescription drug use is also on the rise. This is true in other parts of the United States. Many people are turning to prescription drugs in order to get high instead of street drugs. This is due to a number of reasons which will likely differ based on the individual. Some people begin using these drugs legally and because they are needed. They then get addicted and are unable to stop. Other individuals simply enjoy the way that they make them feel, began using them and then became hooked. Drug rehabilitation facilities are seeing more and more people enter their programs to address prescription drug addiction. The most commonly abused prescription drugs in Utah are Oxycodone and Hydrocodone medications.

Methamphetamine manufacturing has slowed in the state. However, an influx of meth from Mexico is replacing the home grown variety. Club drugs have become a problem in certain parts of the state, particularly on the Wasatch Front.

Methamphetamine cocaine, heroin (Mexican black and brown tar) and marijuana are the drugs most used in Utah. Mexican trafficking organizations are the ones most responsible for the trade of illegal drugs in Utah.

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