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Unlike states such as Florida, Texas or Arizona, Tennessee is not a major drug trafficking hub. While individuals smuggling drugs throughout the United States may drive through the state while on their way to other drop off points, most drugs brought into Tennessee are not designated to be distributed elsewhere. Most of the drugs that find their way into Tennessee are sold to people within the state.

Many of the drugs in Tennessee come from Mexico or southwestern (U.S.) states. Mexican drug traffickers are a dominant force in the state's drug economy. They smuggle in a lot of drugs and are also responsible for selling much of it.

Marijuana is one of the most used drugs in Tennessee and has turned out to be quite a serious problem. This is especially true in the rural parts of Tennessee. A good deal of marijuana is grown right in the state with the rest of it coming primarily from Mexico.

Cocaine is brought in from Illinois, Georgia, California and Texas. Crack cocaine is the more popular form of the drug and can be found readily throughout the state. Recently, there has been a shortage in the amount of cocaine available. This is largely attributed to crackdowns on the amount of cocaine coming into the country by Federal and State drug enforcement agencies. As a result, the price of cocaine has increased.

Methamphetamine is a problem in Tennessee and the use of this particular drug has been rising. Most of the methamphetamine comes from Mexico and the southwestern part of the United States. It is also manufactured in Tennessee. However, seizing and shutting down methamphetamine labs in the state has become more of a focus of local law-enforcement agencies. Subsequently, the number of labs and in-state manufacturing of the drug has decreased.

While heroin is available in this state, it is not very popular. Most of the heroin comes from New York and Georgia and Texas and is Mexican black tar. Heroin from southeastern Asia can also be found in some areas.

Club or predatory drugs have become problematic in recent years. The most commonly used are GHB, ecstasy and LSD. These drugs are primarily used in Knoxville, Nashville, at clubs and raves.

Pharmaceutical drug abuse is a problem in Tennessee, just as it is all over the country. Individuals obtain these drugs mostly through doctor shopping and prescription forgery. Some individuals also purchase them online. Xanax, OxyContin, Morphine and Methadone are the prescription drugs abused most in Tennessee.

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