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Methamphetamine use and abuse has become one of the major drug-related problems in South Dakota. Methamphetamine can be found throughout the state and has wrecked havoc on too many South Dakotans. Local law enforcement and health-care agencies are working together to create public service announcements designed to educate those on the dangers and pitfalls of methamphetamine use and addiction.

Cocaine is another very popular drug used in South Dakota. The instances of use have increased in recent years. A large amount of the cocaine is turned into crack once it reaches the state. Large concentrations of cocaine can be found on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota and also in the southern part of the state. Cocaine is transported into South Dakota from Denver, Chicago Sioux City, Iowa and Minneapolis.

Heroin is more difficult to find in South Dakota. When it is found, individuals typically have only enough for their personal use but not enough to sell in large quantities. The club drug ecstasy is also only available in small quantities. It is also amongst the least desired drugs in the state.

Marijuana is the most abused illegal substance in the state. Most of it comes from Washington, California and the Southwestern states. It is also grown indoors, mostly in the Sioux Fall area. However, these are typically small scale operations and are not a big threat.

As stated above, meth is the drug that poses the biggest risk to South Dakota. Most of the distribution is done by Mexican organizations or Caucasian groups and individuals. Much of the methamphetamine found in South Dakota is what is known as ice, which tends to be more potent and addicting. The purity levels of it range from 50% and 80%.

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