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Drugs are not only a consumption state South Carolina but also acts as a hub for the distribution of drugs into other parts of the country, particularly Florida, Texas, New York City and even California. South Carolina is an ideal hub because it is situated between Miami and New York.

Heroin, cocaine, meth and marijuana are not only predominate drugs distributed in the state but also transported to other parts of the country. The two most widely used drugs in the state are crack and cocaine. However, methamphetamine use is increasing and becoming more problematic. In 2008, alone, 100 meth labs were shut down. Much of the drug distribution within the state is controlled by Mexican trafficking organizations. Many of the drugs also come from Mexico, especially heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana.

Marijuana is the drug most used by South Carolinians and comes mainly from Mexico. Miami and Atlanta are also major sources of marijuana. Marijuana from these cities are mostly handled and sold by African-American traffickers. BC Bud is developing an increased presence in the state. This is largely because it is considered to be of very high-quality and potent. Consequently, users like it.

The availability of cocaine has decreased a bit in South Carolina. This is a largely because it is becoming more difficult to smuggle it into the United States. Therefore, in many the parts of the country, it is harder to obtain, though it is by no means scarce.

Methamphetamine use is also a problem in South Carolina. Some of it is manufactured in South Carolina. However, laws limiting the sale of the ingredients necessary to make meth have helped to slow down the creation of the drug within the state's borders. As a result, it has been largely replaced with Mexican methamphetamine.

Mexican, Southeastern Asian and South American heroin can all be found in South Carolina. Most heroin is sold by drug trafficking organizations with Mexican ties. However, African-American drug trafficking organizations also have a pretty strong presence is the heroin market.

Ecstasy is used primarily by younger persons. This might include students, those in their teens and early to mid 20s, within all socioeconomic levels. They are often used at parties, on college campuses, and even sold at workout facilities. Most of the ecstasy sold in South Carolina comes from Atlanta, Georgia.

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