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Rhode Island is a small state. However, it is not free from drug related problems. Heroin, methamphetamines, crack, cocaine, marijuana and predatory drugs can all be found within the state's borders.

The most popular drug in Rhode Island is cocaine. The purity of available cocaine varies. Experts suggest that it ranges from 50% to 90%. The latter part of the range would be the most addicting. There has been a decline in availability which has driven up the price.

Marijuana is used quite a bit throughout the state. This is true throughout the United States. Marijuana use is widespread. Many people downplay and totally ignore the potential dangers associated with marijuana. A large percentage of users do not believe that marijuana has any negative effects. This is far from the truth. Long term and chronic marijuana use can cause memory problems and can lead to the manifestation of latent mental disorders such as schiczophrenia. The marijuana available in Rhode Island, mostly has Mexican origins. It also comes from other countries and is grown domestically as well.

Heroin has become problematic. The purity levels differ, topping out at about 70%. Columbians and Puerto Rican DTO's (drug trafficking operations) are most responsible for the sale of heroin in Rhode Island.

Prescription drug use is another big problem. Just as this type of abuse has become widespread across the United States, the same is true for the state of Rhode Island. The ones most abused are Oxycontin and Hydrocodone medication. Benzodiazepines are also used.

The majority of these drugs are obtained through doctor shopping. Doctor shopping involves an individual going to several doctors, complaining of the same or similar ailments in order to be prescribed a particular medication. Pharmaceutical theft, forgery and stealing pills from people who have been legally prescribed are other ways users get these drugs.

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