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Heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, crack and club drugs are all available within the borders of Oregon. Users looking for any of these drugs would be able to find them in the large, metropolitan cities such as Portland. Various drugs can also be found other parts of the state, including rural areas.

Many of the drugs sold and used in Oregon come from other places. A fair amount comes from the southwestern states and Mexico. Some drugs are smuggled in from Canada, particularly marijuana.

Methamphetamine has become a pretty bad problem in Oregon. The drug is cheap, gives users a long high and can be made locally in a small lab. It is also very addicting, especially the more potent form of the drug which is becoming extremely popular, ice. Ice can quickly create a dependency in the user, making it difficult to quit and often ruining their life in the process.

Marijuana is the drug of choice for many users in Oregon. While much of it is shipped in, a great deal of it is cultivated within the state and then sold locally. Though marijuana is one the most commonly used drug in Oregon and considered relatively safe, as it is throughout the United States, many people are unaware of its negative effects. Memory and learning problems can occur as a result of its use. Mental illness problems may also arise in individuals who already suffer from such issues.

Marijuana can be used for medical reasons in Oregon. As a result, some cultivators who grow the drugs for illegal purposes, attempt to claim that their crop is for medicinal use.

Cocaine, including crack cocaine can be found in Oregon as well. Most of it can be found in the larger cities, such as Portland, in the state.

Prescription drug use has also become a problem. This is especially true amongst teenagers, though those in other age groups use these as well. These types of drugs are used heavily by teens that use drugs. Hydrocodone, oxycodone, steroids and methadone are all commonly used.

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