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In Oklahoma, crystal methamphetamine is the drug of choice. Shipped in from the southwestern region of the United States and Mexico, this drug has been quietly and not so quietly, reeking havoc on the lives of those who have become addicted to it. Methamphetamine, especially crystal methamphetamine is incredibly addicting and often causes the user to fall into a downward spiral resulting in broken families, derailed careers and fractured relationships.

Cocaine is also readily available in Oklahoma and has become a bit of problem in some areas of the state. This is especially true as it concerns crack cocaine. Crack can be found in the larger cities in the Oklahoma. Cocaine is shipped into the state mostly from Mexico and Texas. It typically arrives in powder form and then is converted into crack cocaine by local dealers.

Not only are a myriad of drugs used in Oklahoma but many drugs are shipped out of the state to other parts of the country, mostly those in the Eastern region of the United States. In this way, Oklahoma is a Midwestern drug trafficking hub.

The heroin most available in the state is Mexican black tar heroin. It can also be found in the more populous areas in Oklahoma. It is the predominate form, white or brown heroin is hard to come by. Though heroin can be purchased pretty easily in Oklahoma, there is not a huge demand for it. What remains, is decreasing.

Methamphetamines, however is extremely popular. The meth drug trafficking industry in the state is dominated by Hispanic organizations. Most of it comes from Mexico. However, some of it is manufactured locally. The recently passed laws which limit the purchase of pseudoephedrine have made it harder for individuals to get the materials necessary to make the drug in Oklahoma. Thus, it has made it necessary for drug traffickers to import the drug.

Marijuana is another drug that has widespread use in Oklahoma. Much of it comes from Mexico or southwestern region of the United States. There are some marijuana crops that are cultivated in Oklahoma. However, the number of plants has decreased in the last few years.

Hydrocodone and oxycodone are the pharmaceuticals drugs that are used most in Oklahoma. Doctor shopping, prescription fraud and burglary are amongst the most common ways users and addicts obtain these.

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