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The drugs that pose the most problems in Ohio include methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and heroin. These drugs are readily available and are amongst the most abused. Local officials are primarily concerned about getting these off the streets and ultimately, wish to prevent them from entering Ohio?s borders.

Marijuana is one of the drugs most used in the state of Ohio. The majority of it is grown in Mexico and then shipped to the United States. However, a good deal of it is grown right in the southern part of Ohio. Ohio actually grows high quality marijuana that contains high levels of THC.

Cocaine and crack are also predominate drugs in the state. Unfortunately, there is a lot of violence surrounding the distribution and trafficking of both of these drugs. None of the cocaine in the state is manufactured locally. Much of the cocaine, as well as marijuana, come from cities such as Chicago and Detroit. These cities receive drugs from the southwest portion (which receives them from places such as Mexico and Columbia) of the United States first and then sends them on to Ohio.

Heroin use is also a problem in Ohio. The heroin sold in the state has fairly high levels of purity and is quite popular amongst drug users. The high purity levels make it more addicting and much more dangerous. The majority of heroin is of the Mexican black tar variety. Mexican brown heroin is also available. Black tar heroin is sold mostly in the northern part of Ohio, as is heroin from South America. In the southern part of the state, Mexican black tar is preferred.

While methamphetamine is heavily used, there has been a decline in the manufacturing of the drug within the state. This is largely because new laws limit how much pseudoephedrine can be purchased. However, there is no shortage of methamphetamine because it is smuggled in from Mexico.

Most club drugs in Ohio are used by younger individuals, those in their teens and early twenties. Most use is done by those in the larger cities. However, they are also popular with young suburbanites.

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