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Methamphetamine is one of the most popular drugs in North Dakota. Its use surpasses that of any other drug in the state, including cocaine. The distribution of methamphetamine is done by numerous groups with no traffic organization dominating.

Cocaine use does occur. However, it is not a major problem in the state. The same is true as it concerns crack. While it is available and is sold within North Dakota, high levels of use or addiction are not reported.

The marijuana in North Dakota is primarily brought in from Canada and is known mostly as BC Bud. Hydroponic marijuana is smuggled into North Dakota from Canada has well. The Hydro and BC Bud from Canada tends to be of high quality and more potent then the Mexican alternative. It contains higher levels of THC which means a more powerful high. Marijuana is not only sold in North Dakota but much of it is brought in from Canada in order to be distributed throughout the country.

Pharmaceutical drug abuse in North Dakota consists mainly of individuals taking Hydrocodone based medications. Users obtain these via doctor shopping, buy them illicitly from health care workers, purchase them over the Internet and engage in prescription forgery.

As stated above, methamphetamine poses the most serious drug-related problem in South Dakota. Much of it is brought in from Mexico, by way of Washington and California. There are also labs in the state that make small amounts of the drug, often times for personal use or for a small and loyal clientele. There have been limitations placed on the amount of pseudoephedrine that can be purchased in North Dakota. Individuals who buy it are also required to provide photo identification. This makes it more difficult to obtain the materials necessary to create meth. These measures have significantly decreased the amount of meth that is manufactured within the state.

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