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Pharmaceutical drugs, methamphetamine, heroin, ecstasy and cocaine are the most predominant drugs used in North Carolina. However, while most of these drugs have been increasing in use, cocaine has not. In fact, cocaine is becoming less available in North Carolina. This has been true for at least the past year. Because of this, drug traffickers are selling more methamphetamine, ecstasy, marijuana and even prescription drugs, to replace lost revenue.

Methamphetamine was once heavily manufactured in North Carolina, creating a huge meth problem. Not only was subsequent drug use high (it remains so), but individuals were often injured and even killed when dangerous and volatile meth labs exploded or when individuals where splashed with harmful chemicals. However, for the last three years drug enforcement agencies within the state seem to have gotten a handle on it. While the use of this particular drug has by no means been eradicated, the production of meth inside North Carolina has steadied. However, in its place is methamphetamine smuggled in from Mexico. As a result, users who want meth are still able to get it.

The use of heroin has increased recently and is sought out by more users. Heroin is found mostly in the larger cities. Mexican Black tar and brown heroin are the two types most available.

There has been a spike in ecstasy use. It has been becoming more popular amongst teenagers and those in their early twenties. It can also be found on many college campuses throughout the state. Magic mushrooms, GHB, Ketamine, PCP and LSD are also other well known club drugs that are used by people in this demographic.

Pharmaceutical drug abuse has become a serious issue. Morphine, Hydrocodone, Methadone and Oxycodone are the most abused, especially in the larger cities. Adderrall and Xanax are also commonly used. Users in North Carolina are purchasing these drugs online, forging prescriptions, going doctor shopping and stealing drugs from those legally prescribed them.

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