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In 2008, federal officials seized almost 1500 kgs of cocaine, 279 kgs of heroin and nearly 3000 kgs of marijuana in New York City (NYC). NYC is home to many different drug trafficking organizations from all over the world. Because the city is so diverse, it is possible for many different countries to have hubs or strongholds in New York City for the distribution of drugs.

Cocaine is readily available in New York. Most of it comes from Mexico and Colombia. These two countries are mostly responsible for transporting and the trafficking at the wholesale level. From there, it is distributed to many different groups on the retail level. Besides cocaine being readily available and posing a problem in New York City, it can be found in large amounts in Albany and the western portion of this state.

Crack cocaine is used most in the inner cities. However, it can also be found in rural and suburban areas. Much of the violence that is associated with of crack cocaine distribution often comes from territorial fights. Most of the crack cocaine is converted from powder cocaine after it reaches New York.

Heroin can be found quite easily as well. Most of it comes from Dominican and Colombian groups who live in the larger cities in New York. Most of it comes from Colombia and South America. Though meth is used in NY, it is not as popular as other drugs such as crack, cocaine and ecstasy.

There is some ecstasy use throughout the state. Most of it comes from overseas and countries like the Netherlands, Canada and Belgium. Beside ecstasy, the other types of club drugs that found in New York are ketamine and GHB.

Marijuana in NYC mostly comes from Mexico via the Southwestern portion of the United States. Other drugs that pose a problem include steroids and KHAT. KHAT comes from the African countries of Ethiopia and Kenya. Individuals chew the leaves and hold them in their mouths. It is a stimulant that provides euphoric feelings.

Pharmaceutical drugs that are most abused in New York include Oxycontin and various Hydrocodone products. Most are obtained via prescription forgery, shopping for doctors and theft. Besides Oxycontin and Hydrocodone, methadone and benzodiazepines are also used.

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