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New Mexico is a fairly large state but is sparsely populated. The state borders Mexico and is not heavily policed. Together, these factors make it an ideal point of entry for drugs smuggled into the United States. While some drugs are trafficked within New Mexico, many drugs are distributed to other parts of the country.

Cocaine is shipped in large amounts to New Mexico by drug trafficking organizations from Mexico. Much of it is then transported to cities such as Chicago, Oklahoma City, Denver and Kansas City. Some of it is also transported as far as the east coast.

Crack cocaine is readily available in the state. Large concentrations of crack addiction can be found in small cities such as Silver City and Hobbs, where rates of use have become alarming. Most crack cocaine is transported to New Mexico as powder cocaine and then converted into crack by local dealers.

Heroin can easily be obtained in New Mexico. The most common types are brown heroin and Mexican black tar. The availability has risen in recent years. The abuse of this drug has hit Espanola Valley extremely hard. This area has more reported deaths related to heroin overdose then most parts of the country.

Methamphetamine use and distribution have become a problem in New Mexico. Though local law and drug enforcement agencies have seemed to have gotten control over the mass manufacturing of the meth within the state, this has not decreased the use of the drug. Meth manufactured locally has simply been replaced by methamphetamine from Mexico.

Marijuana can be readily found in New Mexico. However, much of it is smuggled into New Mexico with the sole purpose of being distributed to other parts of the country, mainly the east coast.

Club drugs available in the state include GHB, ecstasy, LSD and Ketamine. These are used mostly by those who attend raves. They are not heavily consumed by others in the population.

Prescription drug abuse has become a serious problem in New Mexico. The drugs abused most are Hydrocodone and Oxycodone-based drugs. Prescription drugs are smuggled into the state from Mexico and some users obtain them this way. Other individuals are prescribed them from under-licensed health professionals. Often times, such individuals are not allowed to dispense medication in other states. They are allowed to in New Mexico because there are not enough qualified doctors and nurses to sufficiently handle these duties in the state.

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