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Cocaine is one of the most popular and damaging drugs in New Jersey. Both cocaine HCI and crack cocaine can be readily found throughout the state, with the latter being used and sold mostly in the inner-cities. New Jersey is also a distribution hub for cocaine. Much of it is sent to states throughout the United States from New Jersey. Cocaine is often delivered to New Jersey directly from other countries by air, than sent to other states throughout the country, mostly those in the region. Most of it comes from the Dominican Republic or Columbia. It is then sold on the street by Dominican and African-American drug trafficking organizations.

Though cocaine and crack are popular and widely used, heroin is the drug abused most in New Jersey. Amongst 18 to 25 years old, the rate of heroin use is twice that of those in the same age group in other parts of the United States. Drug rehab facilities in New Jersey treat many individuals hooked on heroin. In fact, individuals addicted to heroin are responsible for over 40% of drug rehab admittances. The heroin sold in the state has high purity levels which makes it increasingly addictive and also dangerous.

Another drug that has become problematic for officials in New Jersey is Fentanyl. Fentanyl is an anesthetic used to relieve pain. Some individuals also take it recreationally. Its use in New Jersey has resulted in a high rate of death. Much of the Fentanyll that is being used is being manufactured in small independent labs by amateurs and is subsequently very dangerous.

A large amount of methamphetamine is manufactured right in the state, mostly in the southern region. It is also transported from Mexico. The primary distributors of methamphetamine in New Jersey are Philippinos. Most of their meth comes from both the Philippines and also Mexico. These drugs are often shipped from the Philippines or Mexico to California where distributors convert it to ice, a more potent form of the drug, and then it is sent to New Jersey.

Marijuana is the drug that can be found most easily in the state. Most of it comes from Mexico. However, there are shipments from Jamaica and Canada as well.

Pharmaceutical drug abuse is a serious problem in New Jersey. Participation in large fraudulent prescription organizations and doctor shopping are the primary ways many people obtain these drugs. The ones most used are Xanax, Percocet, Vicodin, Oxycontin and Hydrocodone based medications.

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