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Nevada is both a consumption state and also acts as a distribution hub for other states in the country. Methamphetamine, cocaine and crack cocaine are the predominate drugs used in Nevada and also pose the biggest danger. Crack cocaine is found mostly in the metropolitan areas of the state while cocaine, in powder form can be found there as well. The most dangerous drug however, appears to be crystal methamphetamine.

Cocaine is distributed for use in Nevada and is also shipped to other cities throughout the United States from Nevada. This is especially true in the Las Vegas area. Crack cocaine is sold mostly by African-American street gangs, in the more populous areas of Nevada.

Mexican black tar heroin is the most available form of heroin in Nevada. The control of heroin distribution and trafficking is dominated by Mexican Nationals. Methamphetamine is readily available and is shipped into the state from California and Mexico. There is some manufacturing of the drug within the state however the outputs are pretty small.

Club drugs are available in Nevada, but are not typically available in large amounts. When it can be found, it is found mostly in the northern part of the state and in Las Vegas. The most popular club drugs are LSD, ecstasy and GHB. These can be found at raves, dance clubs and strip clubs.

Marijuana is grown both locally and shipped in from Mexico. It can be found in abundance in Nevada. The marijuana drug trade is controlled mostly by Mexican drug trafficking organizations. Though the marijuana is grown in Mexico, it is often first shipped into California and then distributed throughout the country, including Nevada.

There has been a jump in the indoor cultivation of marijuana in the state. Individuals who grow it in this manner are able to provide a potent, high quality form of the drug. Marijuana use is legal in Nevada for individuals that need it for medical purposes. Individuals can also have in their possession, one ounce or less of marijuana and not be charged with a crime.

Hydrocodone, Oxycontin, Xanax and valium are prescription drugs that are all abused in Nevada. The majority of individuals purchase them from healthcare professionals or go doctor shopping.

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