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In the state of Nebraska, the drug methamphetamine, poses the biggest threat. This very potent and addicting drug is not only a problem in Nebraska, but also in other states in the region. Drug enforcement agencies in Nebraska are continually attempting to come up with ways to limit or eradicate both the use and distribution of this very dangerous substance. Many of the drugs that find their way to Nebraska are grown or manufactured in Mexico. Nebraska has a growing population of Mexican citizens which allows drug trafficking organizations from this country to easily blend in with the regular population.

Besides the problematic drug, methamphetamine, all of the major drugs can be found in Nebraska, such as crack, heroin, marijuana and cocaine. Prescription drug abuse is also increasingly becoming a problem.

While cocaine is available, there is not an abundance of it. Most of the cocaine that can be found is the Omaha metro area. This is largely because most drug users in the state prefer methamphetamine over cocaine. The cocaine that is found in Nebraska mostly comes from the Southwestern region of the country. Cocaine that is sold in the African American communities has mostly been converted into crack cocaine.

Heroin can also be found, again, mostly in Omaha but it is not heavily used. Meth has become a significant problem. The preferred form is ice which tends to have higher purity levels and thus is more potent and addicting. Most of it is shipped in from other countries. However, there are some local labs that manufacture meth as well.

Club drugs are also a problem in some communities in Nebraska. The most popular one is ecstasy and is shipped in from Arizona, Florida and Texas. Marijuana can be easily found in Nebraska, mostly in the more populous area and bigger cities. Marijuana is brought in from Canada, British Columbia, Washington and Mexico.

Pharmaceutical drug abuse has become an increasing problem in Nebraska just as it has in other parts of the country. The ones most abused are Hydrocodone, Oxycontin and cough syrups. Most of these are obtained by individuals going doctor shopping. Prescription forgery is also popular way for individuals in the state to obtain these types of drugs.

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