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All of the major drugs, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, crack and marijuana can be found in Montana. Most of these major drugs are trafficked by Mexican drug organizations with supplies coming ultimately from Mexico. Once it enters the United States it is smuggled in from Colorado and the Northwest Pacific part of the country. It also comes in from the states along the Southwestern boarder. A good deal of the marijuana found in Montana is shipped in from Canada.

Cocaine can be found in the bigger cities in the state. However in the rural areas, it is harder to locate. Most of the cocaine use is concentrated in Great Falls, on the Black Feet Indian Reservation and in Billings, Montana. Crack cocaine can also be found in Montana, mostly in Billings.

Heroin is available. However, it is not one of the most used drugs in the state. When it is found, it?s mostly in the western part of Montana, specifically Missoula.

Methamphetamine poses the biggest problem for law enforcement agencies in Montana. A great deal of it comes from Mexico. Mexican drug trafficking operations are most responsible for the sale and trafficking of meth in Montana. They also own many local labs which manufacture meth and sell it locally.

Club drugs are used mostly on college campuses and in the bigger cities. The most popular ones are Ketamine, Ecstasy, GHB and LSD. The primary traffickers of club drugs are Caucasian males between the ages of 18 and 25. They mostly get their supply of club drugs from Seattle Washington.

Marijuana is the drug that is used most in Montana. Much of it comes from Mexico though there is some locally grown marijuana that is sold. B.C. Bud is brought in from Canada and has become popular, largely because of its high-quality.

Dialudid and OxyContin are amongst the most abused prescription drugs. Just as prescription drugs have become more popular and have been posing a greater risk for many states, the same is true in Montana. Most of the prescription drug abuse is supported by theft and prescription forgery. Besides OxyContin, Dilaudid, Adderalll, Xanax and valium are also pretty popular.

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