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Just one year ago in 2008, the Feds seized more than 250 kgs of cocaine and nearly 1000 kgs of marijuana. These drugs, marijuana, cocaine as well as meth are all readily available in Missouri. Much of it comes from Mexican trafficking organizations. Cocaine, meth and heroin are brought in from California and Texas and Arizona. Some methamphetamine is manufactured in this state by small operations. Cocaine is not readily available as it once was and as a result the trafficking of other drugs such as heroin and marijuana have picked up in its place.

The two largest cities in Missouri, Kansas City and St. Louis both have experienced a decline in availability of cocaine. To increase the availability, distributers are selling less potent forms of the drug, cutting it with other substances and the price has risen. While it can be found, users will have to pay more for it then in the past. Crack, a form of cocaine is also available and sold. The majority of it is used by those in the most populous area.

Heroin can also be found in Missouri. Most of the heroin used is of the black tar variety and is from Mexico. However, that is slowly changing. White heroin from Southwest Asia or South America is being increasingly found in Missouri. White heroin appeals to suburbanites, younger users and those who live in rural areas, largely because it can be snorted. In the western part of the state it is more difficult to find heroin and the heroin that is there is mostly Mexican black tar though white heroin is also available however, in limited supply.

Methamphetamine abuse has proven to be a problem in Missouri. In the western part of the state, most people use crystal or ice methamphetamine which comes mostly from California, Mexico and the southwestern states. Regular meth is used more readily in the eastern part of the state. Missouri continues to have a large number of methamphetamine lab accidents though they have decreased in recent years. There are many more occurrences of these accidents in Missouri then there are in many other parts of the country.

Club drugs such as GHB, ecstasy are the most commonly used in Missouri. They can be found on college campuses and in clubs. Most of these drugs enter the state from Washington State, California, Texas, New York and Florida.

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