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Mississippi is a major drug hub. Drugs are smuggled in from Texas and Mexico and are not only sold within the state but also throughout the Midwest and the eastern part of the country. Crack cocaine is the drug that poses the biggest problem in Mississippi. It is readily available and highly addicting. There is also a lot of violence associated with the distribution and trafficking of crack cocaine within the state.

Cocaine is also used and readily available in every part of the state including both the bigger cities and rural areas. Most cocaine enters Mississippi from Mexico. It may come directly from the country or via other states. Columbia is also a big producer of the cocaine found in Mississippi. African-American groups also distribute it once it is enters the state. In African-American communities, much of the cocaine is converted into crack and then sold.

Heroin can be found Mississippi. However, it is not one of the most abused. Though some people use in Mississippi, it is not the predominate drugs in the state.

The use of methamphetamines is a very serious problem in the state. It is very readily available and an increasing number of individuals are taking it and then becoming addicts. Its use is the fastest-growing in the state. In fact, it has become so widespread that it is rivaling crack cocaine in the amount of people using it. This is largely because it is cheap and a high from methamphetamines last a long time. There is also a lot of violence associated with meth use and trafficking.

The majority of methamphetamines sold in Mississippi, comes from Mexico or the southwestern part of the United States. However, some of it is manufactured right in Mississippi. Caucasian traffickers are the primary groups responsible for manufacturing meth in Mississippi. However, African American gangs and drug trafficking organizations are also beginning to get in on sale of meth.

Club drugs can be found in Mississippi. However, their use is not as widespread as other types of drugs in the state. Most of all of the club drugs is ecstasy.

Marijuana is the drug that is used most in Mississippi. However, the amount of people receiving treatment for the addiction or abuse of marijuana is pretty small. There is a lot of marijuana brought in from Mexico. However, an increasing amount of it is coming in from Canada largely because it is of a higher grade and is more potent.

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