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In 2008, more than 300 kgs of cocaine were seized and over 3000 kgs of marijuana. The primary drugs abused in the state include these as well as heroin and ecstasy. Most of the cocaine shipped into Michigan and trafficked is from Columbia, Mexico and the southwestern part of the United States.

Both crack cocaine and cocaine use and distribution is very high throughout the state with major drug trafficking operations existing in the bigger cities. In the inner city, crack cocaine is the drug most trafficked. The purity of cocaine ranges from 40% to 90% in the Michigan. The drugs with the highest level of purity are the most addicting.

Heroin is also readily available, especially in Detroit and the more populous cities in the state. Most of the heroin that makes its way to Michigan is from Africa, South America and Mexico though heroin from South American is the most widely available. The groups that most traffic heroin in the state are Hispanic and those from the inner-city. Officials are concerned by an increase in the rise of heroin use in the Western part of Michigan. Authorities are seeing an increase in use by those from middle-class areas. Some persons who were previously addicted to Oxycontin are beginning to use heroin as a substitute because it is cheaper.

Meth is available in Michigan with most of it being manufactured in-house. Last year was a marked increase in the number of meth labs seized. Predatory and club drugs can be found in Michigan. The state is also a transport hub used to send these drugs to other parts of the region.

Marijuana is widely used throughout the state. Most of it comes from Canada and is known as BC Bud. This form is increasingly becoming preferred over the Mexican form of the drug because it is more potent because of its higher concentration of THC.

Oxycontin abuse has seen an increase by a 31% over recent years. Individuals who abuse the drug obtain it a number of ways including robberies, breaking into pharmacies, stealing from people who have been legitimately prescribed them, breaking into homes, doctor shopping and forging prescriptions.

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