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In Massachusetts the predominant drugs are heroin and cocaine. The trafficking of these drugs is mostly under the control of Dominican and Colombian organizations. Prescription drug abuse has also become problematic in Massachusetts with Oxycontin being the drug of choice for individuals who use prescription drugs illicitly.

Though much of the cocaine distribution and trafficking is controlled by Dominican and Colombian organizations, most of the actual product comes from New York with an increasing amount being shipped in from Mexico, Georgia and Florida. Powder cocaine is converted into crack cocaine once it reaches the state. Street level distributors are mostly African Americans. They are also most responsible for selling crack, primarily in the Boston area.

Heroin is another heavily used drug in Massachusetts. It comes primarily from New York. Those that supply it are generally from the Dominican Republic and Colombia. Heroin is pretty inexpensive and the purity levels fluctuate. At times the purity levels are high, other times, they are not. Nevertheless, heroin is still very popular and much in demand.

Methamphetamine is available but is not widely used and does not pose a significant threat to the state. Most meth comes from California and the southwestern region of the United States. Young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 use methamphetamine the most, as do those in the gay community.

Ecstasy is the drug of choice for individuals that spend time at raves, or nightclubs. It can also be found on college campuses throughout the state also within the gay community. Marijuana is available and used by individuals throughout Massachusetts. It is shipped in from Jamaica, Columbia and also Mexico as well as the southwestern part of the United States.

Drugs made from oxycodone are the most abused by those addicted to pharmaceutical medications, specifically Percocet, roxicet and oxycontin. Individuals obtain these by doctor shopping, forging prescriptions, stealing from pharmacies and also purchasing them over the Internet. Vicodin and methadone are also popular.

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