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Crack cocaine and powder cocaine are both drugs that are readily available in Maryland. They also pose a significant threat to the state primarily because of their potency and ability to become addicting.

Crack cocaine use has become quite problematic, especially around the Washington DC area. Violence is closely associated with both the use and distribution of cocaine and crack. Assaults, robberies, theft, and murders are common where these drugs are most heavily concentrated. As it stands, both drugs currently pose major problems for law enforcement agencies in Maryland.

Heroin is also widely abused in Maryland especially in and around the Baltimore area. The purity levels of the drug are extremely high and individuals addicted to heroin are concentrated pretty heavily in this part of the state. Baltimore has the worst rates of addiction to heroin and heroin related crimes and violence then any other place in the United States. Its abuse is also widespread amongst all age groups. Not only are older adults using and becoming addicted to heroin but also young adults and even teenagers.

Methamphetamine is available in Maryland. However, it is not very popular. There are some labs sprinkled throughout the state. However, they are not a very serious problem for law enforcement officials in the state. Along with domestically manufactured meth, there is some imported from Mexico as well.

Club drugs are pretty popular in Baltimore, especially ecstasy. Ketamine and GHB can be found in some areas. However, ecstasy is the predominance club drug.

Marijuana use is pretty prevalent all over Maryland. Some of it is cultivated within the state. However, the majority of it comes from the southwestern region of the United States and also from Canada.

Oxycontin is the most prevalent prescription drug that is abused in Maryland. It is obtained mostly from doctor shopping, forging prescriptions, theft and online. Hydrocodone based drugs, methadone and Xanax are also pretty popular.

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