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In Maine, the primary drug of choice is marijuana. At first glance this seems to be pretty good news. Marijuana is less potent and some might say, less addicting then other drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. However, even though marijuana is the drug most widely abused, it is not the only one. Individuals in the state of Maine use many of the drugs just mentioned above. Heroin, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine and pharmaceutical drug abuse occurs within in the state alongside marijuana use.

Cocaine generally enters Maine via Dominican drug traffickers. It is also shipped to the state from places such as New York, Florida and New Jersey. Crack cocaine in the used mostly by those in the southern and central part of the state.

Dominican drug traffickers also control the heroin distribution. Heroin is used throughout the state, mostly in the southern region but also in rural areas and throughout Maine. Methamphetamine abuse is not widespread. However, the drug is available and its use steady. Mostly outlaw motorcycle clubs are responsible for the distribution of meth.

Ecstasy is the favorite club drug in Maine. It is used most often privately, at raves, clubs and on college campuses. As stated above, Marijuana is extremely popular and can be purchased any time of the year. There is always a bountiful supply and it is grown both outdoors and indoors. Marijuana is also shipped in from Canada, New York and New England.

Pharmaceutical drug abuse has recently become more of a problem. Most abusers take Oxycodone based medications such as Oxycontin, Roxicet and Percocet. Prescription forgeries, purchasing it illegally from health professionals and doctor shopping are the primary ways individuals obtain prescription drugs for illicit use. Some persons buy it from Canada and smuggle it back into the United States.

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