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Louisiana is a major drug trafficking hub for the region. Not only are waterways used to smuggle drugs into Louisiana but also the highways. The DEA and local law enforcement catch many drug shipments coming into the state via highways. The drug that poses the biggest threat to Louisiana is crack cocaine. This very powerful, addicting drug has widespread use. The drug trafficking organizations selling crack are partly responsible for the fighting and turf wars responsible for much of the violence and subsequent homicides that take place in Louisiana especially the inner cities. Cocaine is used quite a bit as well. However, most of it is converted into crack cocaine and then sold.

African-American street gangs are the primary sellers of crack cocaine in Louisiana. While heroin is available, its abuse is not at high levels. The only exception is New Orleans. This is largely because the availability of heroin is pretty low especially when compared to other drugs like crack. It is also more expensive. The heroin that is available in Louisiana is either from Mexico or South America. Mexican drug trafficking organizations are most responsible for bringing heroin into the State.

Methamphetamine is a serious problem in Louisiana as it is in other parts of the country. In fact, it rivals the use of crack cocaine largely because it is cheap and individuals are able to experience a pretty lasting high. There is a notable amount of violent crimes associated with methamphetamine manufacturing and also trafficking. Caucasian groups are most responsible for producing and selling meth in Louisiana. However, an increasing number of African-Americans are getting in on the trade.

Club drug abuse does occur in Louisiana. However depending on the year, use has either leveled off or is decreasing. The majority of people who use club drugs are young adults and teenagers and amongst those groups, use is rising. The most popular club drugs taken are ecstasy, LSD and GHB.

The most commonly used drug in Louisiana is marijuana. A large portion of the marijuana in the state is brought in from Mexico. However some of it is grown within the state.

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