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Pharmaceuticals drugs, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana are the drugs which cause the most problems in Kentucky. Kentucky is one of the largest domestic growers of marijuana in the country. In fact, it grows more marijuana then most other states in America. This marijuana is sold in Kentucky and shipped to other states for distribution such as Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio as well as the eastern part of the country.

Cocaine is easily found in Kentucky, mostly in the southeastern and central parts of the state. It is distributed mostly by Mexican drug trafficking organizations which bring cocaine in from other states in the Midwest, Southwest and Southeast. African-American drug trafficking organizations also distribute cocaine which they get from non-Mexican sources.

There is heroin in Kentucky, there just isn?t large quantities of it. One of the most readily available types of heroin is Mexican black tar. Most of it comes from Chicago or Atlanta. However, overall, heroin use is not a significant problem in Kentucky.

Methamphetamine use in Kentucky is pretty high. It can be easily found in the southeastern and central parts of the state. Most of it comes from Mexican drug traffickers. At one time, quite a bit of it was manufactured by meth labs in the state. However, there has been a big crack down on these labs and the number of labs has subsequently decreased. In order to boost the availability of meth, it is transported in from Mexico, often reaching the states of North Carolina and Georgia first and then sent to Kentucky.

Prescription drug abuse is one of the biggest problems in Kentucky. Most abusers use either oxycodone or hydrocodone based medications. Prescription forgery, buying these drugs over the Internet and doctor shopping are the ways that most individuals obtain pharmaceutical drugs for illicit purposes.

Club drugs are found mostly in the southeastern part of state and are used primarily on college campuses and amongst young adults. Popular club drugs include LSD, ecstasy, GHB and ketamine. These particular drugs are also used by teens as well. Bars, strip clubs, night clubs and parties are where these drugs can be most easily found.

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