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Cocaine and methamphetamine are two of the most abused drug in the state of Iowa. Most cocaine use takes place most in the eastern part of the state and methamphetamine use in the West. Aside from the drug trafficking and consumption going on within the state, Iowa also acts as a hub for the distribution of drugs throughout the eastern part of the country. Much of the trafficking is done by Hispanic organizations which bring in a great deal of methamphetamine, marijuana and cocaine.

Cocaine can be found throughout Iowa but, it is not most users in the states, drug of first choice. That distinction belongs to marijuana. A great deal of cocaine is brought in from California and Chicago. Some of which is converted into Crack cocaine. African-American drug traffickers are most responsible for bringing it in and selling it. Some of it is purchased in the form of crack and is shipped in from Chicago. Sioux City has recently experienced a rise in the trafficking of cocaine. Des Moines has a pretty reliable amount of cocaine as well.

Heroin is most available in eastern Iowa. However, even its quantities there are limited. While in many places black tar heroin is predominant form of the drug, in Iowa white heroin is.

Methamphetamine, especially ice, is a major concern for Iowa law and drug enforcement agencies in Iowa. Most methamphetamine is brought into the state by Hispanic traffickers and Mexican Nationals. The quality of meth brought from Mexico is pretty poor. Consequently, an increasing number of people are beginning to manufacture the drug themselves locally.

A lot of the ecstasy which makes it way to Iowa is brought in from Spain, California and the Netherlands. It is pretty easy to obtain but not incredibly popular.

Though methamphetamine is the drug that poses the most danger to Iowa, Marijuana is the most abused drug. It can be found throughout the state. Some of it is grown in Iowa. However, most of it is shipped in.

The abuse of prescription drugs such as Oxycontin, Vicodin, other Hydrocodone and Oxycodone has become problematic. Many users purchase these drugs by healthcare workers who sell it illegally. Doctor shopping is another way that many people obtain these drugs. Others purchase them online or engage in prescription forgery and theft.

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