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In Idaho, crystal meth, cocaine and marijuana are the most abused drugs in the state. Much of the marijuana sold in Idaho is trafficked by individuals from Mexico and cultivated within the state, mostly outdoors, by Mexican Nationals.

Cocaine has become an increasingly serious threat with significantly more people using it now then in the past. Authorities and experts believe that this is partly due to the recent decrease in price. This is contrary to many other parts of the country where the price has gone up. Mexican drug trafficking is the source of much of the cocaine that is brought into Idaho. It is often smuggled in via California, Arizona and Mexico.

Mexican black tar is the form of heroin most found in Idaho, though brown heroin is also available. The origin of Mexican black tar heroin is Mexico, hence the name. Most of it originates there and is shipped to California, Arizona and other southwestern states, then to Idaho.

Crystal meth use is a big problem in Idaho and has negatively affected a good number of people there. There has been a decrease in the number of meth labs found in Idaho due to a greater focus on eliminating them in the state. However, this has not decreased its availability. Instead of it being manufactured locally, it is being shipped in from Mexico. As Mexican drug traffickers have taken over the production of the drug, quality has decreased. The availability has also decreased and it has become more expensive.

Ecstasy is available in Idaho and used mostly by younger individuals and those involved in the rave scene. Marijuana is also widely abused and readily available. Much of the marijuana in Idaho is grown right in the state with both outdoor and indoor cultivating operations. Most of the outdoor cultivation is done by Mexican Nationals. These groups also coordinate shipments of the drug to be brought into the state from Mexico. They then work to distribute it throughout Idaho. Though there is an abundance of Mexican marijuana, it is not noted for its quality.

Prescription drug abuse has become problematic in Idaho as it is in other states throughout America. Many users obtain these drugs illicitly by doctor shopping, forging prescriptions and stealing them from hospitals and pharmacies. In fact, burglarizing pharmacies is not unheard of Idaho and is a common way for users to get these drugs. Users are also obtaining pharmaceutical drugs illegally over the internet. Steroids, Percocet, Oxycontin, Loratab and Vicodin are the most abused.

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