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In 2008 over 54 kgs of methamphetamine, more than 16kgs of cocaine and 24 kgs of marijuana was seized by the federal government in Hawaii. The primary sources of these drugs and most others found in Hawaii come via airplane, ships and by post from various countries and the main land. The same drugs that can be found on the main land, are also available in Hawaii. The predominate drugs are heroin, marijuana, cocaine, crack and meth.

Both crack and cocaine are readily available on the island. Much of the distribution and trafficking of the drugs are done by African American, Mexican and Samoan groups, many which come from Mexico, California and Nevada.

The majority of heroin available is of the black tar variety and most of it comes by air from Los Angeles, though it often has a Mexican origin. Perhaps the drug that poses the biggest danger to Hawaii is methamphetamine, also known as ice. Most meth is converted to ice and then sold throughout the island. Most of the meth is not manufactured in Hawaii but comes primarily from two places, Mexico and California.

Though ecstasy is a popular drug in some parts of the United States, while it is available in Hawaii, its use is not very widespread. People that do use ecstasy are typically those that participate in raves or go to nightclubs.

GHG, ecstasy and LSD are becoming more popular in Hawaii, namely amongst people in the military, teenagers and young adults. There is some concern that some of these club drugs, such as GHB. and LSD are used to take advantage of individuals and are deemed predatory drugs.

High quality marijuana can be found throughout Hawaii. It is grown on the island distributed there and often shipped out to other parts of the United States. It is the second most favorite drug of users on the island and is grown mainly on the Big Island. Much of it is grown outdoors. However, pressure from enforcement agencies on the island has led to more crops being cultivated indoors.

Prescription drug abuse is a problem in Hawaii. The most commonly used is Hydrocodone. In Hawaii most people are able to obtain Hydrocodone by going to various doctors and complaining of similar ailments (doctor shopping). Prescription forgery and theft are used to obtain these drugs as well.

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