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Drug trafficking is a major problem in the state of Florida. That vast amount of coastline makes it ideal for drug smugglers from other countries and surrounding islands. A large portion of drugs smuggled in, come from Mexico and Colombia, though the Bahamas also provides its share of drugs. The drug that poses the biggest danger to Florida and its residents is cocaine. Not only is the cocaine which reaches Florida sold to the state?s residents but it is also distributed to other parts of the country, especially the eastern board of the United States.

Within Florida, much of the cocaine that arrives on the shores goes to Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa Bay. Crack cocaine is most available in Jacksonville, Orlando, West Palm Beach, at Fort Pierce and Ft. Myers.

Heroin that comes from South America and is distributed throughout the United States often ends up in South Florida first and then is sent out across the country. The majority of heroin comes from Columbia passes through Florida and is transported throughout the east coast.

Methamphetamine is widely available in Florida and can be found in most of its counties. Most methamphetamine is not produced locally. The majority of it comes from Mexico by way of California. However, there has been an increase in methamphetamine labs within Florida. These are small laboratories and are found mostly in West Central Florida.

Ecstasy is a popular club drug in Florida. GHB and LSD are also used as well. Prescription drug abuse has become a real problem. According to the Florida Medical Examiners Report, at least five people die every day from prescription drug overdoses. The most popular ones used are Oxycodone and Hydrocodone. Methadone and Xanax also used pretty readily.

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