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In the state of Delaware cocaine is the most available drug, though marijuana, heroin, crack and cocaine are also petty easy to find as well. Methamphetamine and ecstasy are also readily available to those who desire them. Prescription drug use has become an issue, however unlike most states where Oxycontin is a very popularly abused pharmaceutical drug, it is hard to obtain in Delaware.

The sale of heroin has become a real problem in Delaware. Distributors from larger cities are moving to Delaware because there is comparatively fewer law enforcement officials and competition on the streets isn't as stiff. Cocaine and crack are both major drugs in Delaware. They can be found throughout the state, in both metropolitan and rural areas. Much of the cocaine that gets into Delaware comes from New York City and Philadelphia.

Heroine use and availability in the state is concentrated mostly in the northern portion of Delaware and also comes in from New York and Philadelphia. The purity of heroin has improved a good deal while the prices have dropped, leading to increase use. There also seems to be much more available then in the past. All of these factors have resulted in heroin abuse becoming a bigger problem amongst users of all ages and income levels.

Methamphetamine use is not a huge problem in Delaware though it is available. Many parts of the country have very serious methamphetamines problems. It hasn't yet become serious in Delaware.

GHG, Ketamine, GBL and ecstasy are all club drugs used primarily by clubbers and individuals that attend rave parties. These drugs are also becoming increasingly popular on college campuses.

Marijuana is widely available in the state. Many times users will smoke marijuana with other stronger drugs such as PCP, crack cocaine and heroin.

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