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The drugs that are most problematic in Connecticut are crack, powder cocaine and heroin. Though cocaine is widely used, crack cocaine is the more popular form of the drug. Historically, most crack was purchased already processed from New York City. However, the price of powdered cocaine has decreased for traffickers in Connecticut if they accept it in powder form. As a result, many dealers are buying it in powder form and converting it to crack on their own.

The sale of cocaine is controlled mostly by African-American and Puerto Rican drug trafficking organizations. African-American groups seem to have the most control over crack cocaine sales as well.

Heroin is a huge problem in Connecticut. This is true of other states in the region. The heroin sold in Connecticut is of high quality and is pretty inexpensive, both which make it extremely popular amongst users. Heroin can be found in both urban and suburban parts of the state. Recently, the number of individuals entering rehab for heroin addictions has increased.

Many individuals who have become addicted to hydrocodone and oxycontin turn to heroin when it becomes difficult to obtain these prescription drugs or when it becomes too costly. Heroin is a good substitute. However, it is also more dangerous and individuals that use it as a substitute are suffering from overdoses at increased rates largely because they are unfamiliar with the drug and end up taking too much.

The majority of heroin is brought in and controlled by Hispanic and Dominican groups and then sold by various traffickers. Most of it comes in from New York City.

Ecstasy is shipped in primarily from Mexico and Florida as well as Canada and New York. The rate of ecstasy use in Connecticut is pretty inconsequential and is on the decline.

Marijuana sold in Connecticut comes from either Canada or Mexico. Canadian marijuana (BC Bud) is considered to be of better quality then Mexican marijuana.

Pharmaceutical drug abuse is pretty serious in Connecticut. Diazepam, Oxycontin, Ritalin, Oxycodone, Xanax, Methadone and Vicodin are amongst the most abused. Percocet use is also becoming a problem. Much of the abused pharmaceutical drugs are stolen from individuals that have been legally prescribed, purchased over the Internet or obtained via doctor shopping.

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