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Marijuana is one of the most available drugs in Colorado. Cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin is also readily available. Most of the cocaine found in the state as well as heroin, meth and marijuana are brought in from Mexico and are trafficked by groups from that country. Crack cocaine can be found mostly in the larger cities, such as Denver. Mexican black tar is the primary type of heroin and can also be found in the larger cities. Heroin use appears to be increasing across the state.

Methamphetamine is widely available in the state as well. At one time, the majority of it was manufactured within Colorado. However, recently an increasing amount is being shipped in from Mexico.

Club drugs, particularly, ecstasy, ketamine, LSD and GHB are used quite commonly by clubbers and those that attend raves. Much of it comes from other countries and is distributed primarily by Asian gangs and organizations.

Marijuana is by far the most used and available drug in Colorado. The majority of it is brought in from Mexico, although some shipments have their origins in British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Prescription drugs such as Hydrocodone and Oxycodone are becoming a problem. Most people are able to obtain them by forging prescriptions, stealing or purchasing pills over the Internet. Methadone, Darvocet as well as Oxycontin and Vicodin are the most commonly abused.

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