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Though all types of drugs can be found in California, methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine and heroin are the most predominant. Much of the methamphetamine and marijuana is cultivated within California while drugs such as cocaine and heroin are brought in from Mexico as are marijuana and methamphetamines. Not only is there a decent amount of drug use and distribution within the state of California, lots of drugs are shipped into the state and then sent out across the United States. Los Angeles is one of the state's primary hubs for national distribution.

Particular drugs seem to have certain pockets of the state where they are primarily used. For example, heroin is popular in Oakland, meth can be found in large concentrations in Sacramento as well as rural parts of the state. In San Francisco, heroin seems to be the number one drug of choice. Crack and heroin are used quite a bit in Oakland.

The cocaine market in California is dominated mostly by suppliers from Columbia and Mexico with much of it coming across the Mexico/California border. Mexico black tar heroin is the most available form and comes in from Mexico, hence the name. Younger users are beginning to take the drug and the purity levels of it are increasing, which makes it more dangerous. More and more people are beginning to snort it, especially younger users, instead of injecting it. The rates of addiction for heroin are becoming alarming.

The DEA considers methamphetamine as the drug that poses the biggest threat to California. The quality of meth within the state is very high, which makes it more addicting. While some of the methamphetamine is grown within the California, of good portion of it is shipped in through Mexico.

Club drugs are popular amongst some teenagers and young adults. The most popular club drug is ecstasy. Prescription drugs abuse is also becoming a real problem. They can be obtained by individuals who live in California pretty easily simply by visiting comes Mexico. Individuals are also purchasing prescription drugs over the Internet without a prescription from their doctors. Physician shopping, forgery and theft are all other common ways that the drugs are obtained for the purpose of abuse.

Marijuana is a one of the most commonly used drugs in California. Some of it is brought in from Mexico. However, a good portion of it is grown right in California. The state is known for its continual push to have the substance made legal.

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