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Marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine are the predominant drugs in Arkansas. Both powder cocaine and crack cocaine are widely used in the state, mostly in metropolitan areas and inner cities. Gang activity and violence associated with the trafficking of cocaine and crack is a concern for law enforcement officials in the state.

Crack cocaine is cheap and readily available, which makes it very popular. A lot of the powder cocaine that enters Arkansas is converted into crack and sold in cities such as Hot Springs, Little Rock, Eldorado and Texarkana.

Heroin is available in Arkansas. However, it is not especially popular. The heroin that is found in the state is generally in the central region of Arkansas.

Methamphetamine is increasingly becoming an issue in Arkansas. Over the last decade, the use of the drug has increased significantly and today, it can be found throughout state. It is manufactured locally and also imported from Mexico.

LSD, GHB, Oxycontin and MDMA (ecstasy) are all pretty popular club drugs that are found in Arkansas and used mostly during raves and on college campus. Marijuana is widely used throughout the state. A large portion of it is imported from Mexico and a decent amount is cultivated within the state. Arkansas has great weather for cultivating marijuana plants. As a result, domestic crops are planted and grow very well.

Prescription drug abuse has increasingly become a problem in Arkansas. The drugs used most are Oxycodone and Hydrocodone based medications. Doctor shopping, theft, fraudulent prescriptions and buying these drugs online are how they are obtained most by users.

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