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Methamphetamines, designer drugs, marijuana and a myriad of others have become a real concern for officials in the state of Alabama. With marijuana as the exception, most of the drugs distributed within in the state come from outside states or countries. Drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine and some marijuana is being shipped to the United States and then brought to Alabama from Mexico, the Caribbean, and Columbia. These countries also have networks which not only bring the drugs in but also sell them drugs throughout the state.

Methamphetamines use is one of the biggest dangers as it concerns drug use in Alabama. Cocaine is also a problem. The majority of cocaine that is sold and purchased in Alabama comes from Georgia, Houston and Atlanta. A good amount of the cocaine is turned into crack cocaine and then sold.

Heroin has been becoming a bigger problem. Its use is most concentrated in Birmingham and Mobile, with Auburn and Montgomery also seeing an increase in use. The number of individuals receiving treatment for heroin abuse has also increased, in fact, by nearly 100% in some parts of the state.

The biggest threat as it involves drugs in Alabama is methamphetamine. This has been true the last two years. The state has made some progress in decreasing the amount of meth manufactured in the state by placing limits on pseudoephedrine sales. However, shipments from Mexico are reaching Alabama. This makes the drug widely available even though it is more difficult for it to be manufactured in as significant quantities as in the past.

Club drugs are becoming more popular in Alabama. This includes substances such as Ketamine, GHB, ecstasy and LSD. Individuals who hang out at raves, clubs, dance parties and even college campuses are beginning to use club drugs much more often. The primary users of these particular types of drugs are those that are Caucasian in their early 20's. However, there has been no discrimination as it concerns socioeconomic levels.

Though heroin poses a threat to Alabama, marijuana is the drug most used in the state. Much of it is grown in-state in rural areas. Just a few years ago more than 90,000 plants were seized by local law enforcement.

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