Today, I am so thankful that the 12 Step Fellowship has saved my life. I am now free from the bondage and destruction that the binding grips of addiction and alcoholism had on me. Today, I am free to live in peace and serenity because I had originally made the life-saving decision to abide by the suggestions of the program. All of the hard work that I have endured has brought me to a new state of peacefulness and hope that I have never dreamed possible. This proven program of recovery has saved my life, and for this I am forever grateful.

It is very relieving to wake up each morning not having to worry about living in active addiction or alcoholism. I now have the wondrous opportunity to live a happy life, full of strength and hope. All of the fruits of recovery have been washing over me from all areas of my life. I can now live and be the person that I've been destined to be, totally free of all the baggage of addiction. Without the loving guidance and direction that the 12 Step program has so graciously given me, I would probably be rotting away into oblivion this very moment. Because of my strong and loving relationship to my Higher Power, who I wish to call God, none of this would have been possible or achievable.

Today, I now have the opportunity to notice all of the wonderful aspects of this great life that I was, for so long, unable to see while in the deadly grips of active addiction. Today, I am free to walk this earth in confidence, and with the newfound ability to stand strong and tall with all the tools and strengths that the 12 Step Fellowship has brought to my new life of recovery. I now have the ability to seek out and achieve new goals and ambitions that would have been unobtainable in my old life of chaos. I have been given a new life in recovery. All of the Spiritual Principles and tools that I've gained by working this awesome program of recovery have forever changed me into an enlightened, loving, and responsible person, devoid of all the weaknesses that deprives me of strength and happiness. I now have the ability to dream, to understand myself, and to recognize my role in this life.

Just for today I will focus on achieving the desires of my heart. I will accept those things that are beyond my ability to change, and I will focus my attention on changing the things that I can. I will courageously continue stepping forward in my search to become a better, more enlightened person. I will continuously follow the suggestions of the program, so I can continue to be capable to live this life in serenity and optimism. No longer do I have to be held down by the deadly affects of addiction or alcoholism. Today, I no longer have to wear a mask to conceal my true identity. I have come to understand myself like never before. I have been shown the way to a new life, a life that I can now enjoy and be thankful for.

Today, I can live in the moment, and be thankful for all the little things in life. Because I am now in recovery, I can feel, I can love, and I can strive to achieve the impossible because I have come to understand that nothing is impossible with the correct knowledge and guidance of the 12 Step program. I am continuously amazed each day of all the blessings that I receive while in my recovery. I am now fully aware of all the endless opportunities for personal and spiritual growth that lie ahead. With a head full of recovery, I will step forth with confidence to accomplish my goals and ambitions. Life is now open for me, all because I am clean and sober today. Now I have been given the opportunity to give back to you what has been so graciously given to me. It is now my life-long duty to spread the message of hope and strength that has saved my life.

My advice is to obtain a secure and firm eternal and lasting faith in your Higher Power. If you believe and have faith that your Higher Power will allow you to achieve the desires of your heart, then you will be shown the way to victory. The loving guidance of your Higher Power will arise in you the strength necessary to show you the way to true peace, serenity, and victory. All of the knowledge and understanding that you'll need to overcome the plunders of active addiction or alcoholism, is readily accessible to all those who are willing to incorporate them into their daily lives. This proven program of recovery is available to all. So just for today, seek out and obtain the fruits of the Spirit. Surrender to your Higher Power, and ask for the guidance and power necessary to rise above the challenges and difficulties that lie ahead. Courageously step forth in faith and confidence that a new life of hope is waiting for you. Allow the guiding Light of God to show you the way to victory. Devoid yourself of selfishness and false pride and put on the armor of God, and fit yourself with His righteousness. Show love and compassion to all people in your life. Maintain a steadfast hopeful expectancy that all is possible as you become centered in God. Develop a new and strong positive mindset, and never allow doubt to intrude upon your new devotion for excellence. Look within to find your true self, and do all that is in your power to become the person that you were destined to become. Commit yourself to righteousness, and you will be shown the way to true peace and enlightenment. Good luck to all, and thank you for allowing me to be of service.

God Bless

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