Step 7 for Addicts and Alcoholics in Recovery - 12 Steps

Step 7

After we get prepared for the elimination of our character defects, we now humbly ask the God of our understanding to remove our shortcomings. Through the process of Step 7, true positive alteration will advance us to a new realm, full of tranquility, peace of mind, and an increased sense of purpose and fulfillment. For us to humbly ask God to remove our deficiencies, we ought to be unpretentious and compliant. Anticipate only the best to unfold as God begins to work miracles in our lives. It is imperative that we fully trust that God will lead us to the peace that we seek. This will be an ongoing process that will harvest loads of rewards in our lives.

The imperfections of our past and present no longer have to tear us down. As we obediently follow in the direction that is shown to us, we will flourish, and gain the necessary knowledge to ascend above the blunders that haunted us. In order for Step 7 to reap its many rewards, it will be essential for us to do our part in the positive change development. Our Higher Power will fill us with positive motivation to continuously move forward in our recovery. We should courageously take a step determinedly forward, devoid of reservation or distrust, and follow in the direction that is shown to us. We learn to utilize the many Spiritual Principles accessible to us as we transform and mould into the beings we were destined to be. Positive change will be noticeable while undertaking Step 7, and you will be guided and shown the way to the freedom that serenity produces. As we rely and entrust our will to God, the restrictions and limitations that we possess will dissipate into oblivion. We will become proficient in replacing our shortcomings with Spiritual remedies, such as faith, acceptance, courage, vigilance, and staying power. While we preserve an unwavering and strong faith that out Higher Power will deliver us from the inadequacies of our past, we become filled with a newfound strength of character. We strive for greatness on our path, and we refuse to permit trepidation or weakness to restrain our personal growth, and spiritual advancement.

When we obtain self-discipline and open-mindedness during the ongoing process of Step 7, we acquire awareness and understanding, and we begin to see a new, inspiring Light to guide our way. Our broken spirits become re-energized as the path is laid before us. Our defects of character become removed as time goes by. We become inspired to follow in the direction that God leads us. God makes us aware of our weaknesses and inadequacies, and begins to give us the tools we need to help prevail over them. The qualities that we had lacked for completeness become revealed. We acquire a new sense of purpose that motivates us toward uprightness.

As we abide by the Spiritual Principles of the 12 Step program, we become aware of the destructive and chaotic ways and behaviors of our past. Always uphold a positive frame of mind, which will help us to continuously travel down the path of positive change, personal enrichment, and spiritual growth. We continue to follow by the suggestions of the program as we undergo this positive change process. Our Higher Power only wishes the best for us, and we should accept nothing less.

We should acknowledge and ask God to remove all of our character defects and deficiencies. The moral inventory from Step 4 is now set forth in humility, as we ask God to remove our shortcomings. After we have completed Step 6, we are now entirely ready for this unpretentious act. God will see our desire to abide in genuineness and completeness, and will therefore work His miracles in our lives. Our eyes will open to life's wonders, and we will finally be capable of acquiring the fulfillment and serenity that we've been searching for. That never-ending, empty void that we tried to fill in our active addiction becomes overflowing with the new, loving influence of God in our lives.

Recovery is a lifelong process because no one obtains absolute faultlessness. So the process of Step 7 should be worked throughout our lives. When we become geared up to start Step 8, then we will know, and we'll commence a process of forgiveness that will heal our past wounds. At this point in our recovery, we are really headed in the direction of peace, fulfillment, spiritual enlightenment, and personal freedom. We can sit back and say, "Right on." We become appreciative to this proven program, and for all the improvements that have occurred thus far in our recovery. Take pleasure in the countless rewards of working Step 7, you will be extremely thankful that you did.

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