Spiritual Journey at Recovery Life

The Spiritual Journey

In order for me to stay clean one more day, I must relinquish my power over to the care of God. As I let go of worldly, impure desires, God steps in, freeing me of active addiction. I've learned over the course of my recovery that if I act with humility, then I will be carried through situations in which I have no control. I gain acceptance, tolerance and patience in my search for personal freedom as I maintain a conscious contact with God through each day. By applying the principles offered in the 12 Step Fellowship, I gained the wisdom necessary to battle my disease, and to face life with courage and confidence.

I now have faith, and believe that God will provide me with the strength, courage and wisdom necessary to face any trial or tribulation along my path; so, I will not fear, for when crisis arrives in which I have no control, I let go and allow God to intervene, showing me the path to follow. I conform to the likeness of His image and I'm saved from all harm. In order for me to retain this since of spiritual cleanness, I must not deviate from this new knowledge that I've gained. I now embrace this serenity and all the peace and joy that it creates. The vision that I've encountered has given me a purpose and a worthwhile reason to live. The expansion of my spiritual awareness has brought me fulfillment of the void that I've been searching to fill my whole life.

One of the spiritual principle's that is very important to me is caring and sharing. I have finally learned to love myself, which now enables me to love others. I now have the opportunity to give back all that was freely given to me. As I care for others, being kind and generous while showing love, I continue helping myself in the process. It is very rewarding showing love to my fellow addicts and alcoholics. I now try to express love in all that I do. By living this way, I create a positive environment around me that brings me joy and peace.

There is no doubt in my mind - as I live by the spiritual principles of the 12 Step program, I continue moving forward along the road to success and personal fulfillment and freedom. It has become apparent that the incoming growth of my recovery will bring me advanced understanding of myself, and the spiritual realm. This Light that has thus been revealed has emerged from the awaking of my soul. I am being guided by this Presence, and I will continue along this path with confidence and hope. I am becoming molded into the man that I was meant to be. I am being transformed into the likeness of the righteousness I seek. My internal strength, created from the newfound hope and guidance of the program is the force that keeps me going.

All the things that I've learned to accept have enhanced my inner peace and have given me a new freedom. I can now tolerate many situations that would normally bring me distress. If I allow myself to dwell in misery of past failures, then my state of mind would deteriorate. I've learned to persevere and act according to the things in which I now believe. I am confident in my ability to progress in my recovery. I am very pleased in the direction that my journey is taking me. Every added day to my sobriety is bringing me more strength, hope and joy, which together produce the serenity that I seek. The 12 Step program has given me hope.

By Terry D.

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