Victory of our Minds at Recovery Life

Persistence in recovery is the key to continuous achievements. For us to exhibit persistence on our road to recovery we should hold resolutely and consistently to our objective or undertaking regardless of any obstacles that possibly will stand in our line of attack. We should constantly be encouraged, affirmative, and anticipate only the best to unfold as we reside within the integrity developed through our thorough loyalty to remain clean and sober. We should on no account give up on the progression of repetitive escalation in our recovery. When we live life on life's requisites, and when hardship arises, it should be our incentive to stand up and embark upon problems with audacity, and the strength that we've established in the course of our journey. We should retain our perspective, evaluate all possibilities, and observe our choices all the way through. For us to uphold our firmness and staying power, we must by no means have excessive pride that we can't request assistance in times of adversity. And if a situation arises that we can not handle, or don't recognize the answer to then we should to never fail to bear in mind that we should Let Go and Let God take over and carry us through the obscurity we stumble upon. The Fellowship will offer us the support, reassurance, guidance, and the 12 Steps that are crucial to remain persistent in our recovery. To be persistent is to be merciless towards our goals, while always striving to reach our potential.

To attain victory, it is essential that we uphold a sharp, relentless focus on our goal. Being complete and bursting of goodness while straying from mayhem, deceit, arrogance, self-indulgence, egotistical desires, resentment, and edginess will result in the execution of our ambitions. Absorbing all awareness, helpful criticism, counsel, suggestions, virtuous motivations, while always considering the genuineness from our voice within will ensure our safe and sound means of access along the road to recovery. In times of nervous tension, fortitude holds us steadfast in the grips of doubt. Whatever the circumstance, by sustaining calm endurance, we stay tolerant and sympathetic. We persist in our endeavors with resilience, while persevering through the challenges we face.

As we evolve and proceed in our recovery through persistent endurance, we take on new responsibilities, new beliefs and thoughts, and we're in the process of restructuring our makeup for the better. As we mature and step onward in our recovery, our conscience is our guide to precision, to differentiate right from wrong, to convict us of wrongdoing, to divulge defects of character, and it helps us to relocate towards its harmony and positive intent. We should therefore strive to shadow our uprightness as it uncovers itself in the course of our daily tasks. Disobedience is in itself harsh in nature. If it is our objective to move onward and positively grow, then we should be compliant towards our conscience, toward Spiritual Principles, and to the 12 Step way of life.

Caring for others is a favorable way to retain our diligence, and to remain unswerving in our quest for personal growth, and spiritual maturity. Providing assistance, words of advice, and support to friends, family, and our Fellowship is important in developing a well-built, strong-minded personality. As we reach out to others in times of privation, oftentimes we will gain strength in our personal spirit, and others will see our new, compassionate hearts and concern for others. When we become attentive of our fellow members struggling or searching for guidance and support, it would be only right for us to give back to the Fellowship and offer words of strength, hope, and encouragement. Contributing assistance and showing concern strengthens our growth and builds upon the structure that is mounting on top of our rock-solid and secure foundation.

Pursuing the positive motivations of our conscience, maintaining a strong determination to abide in truth, caring for others, enduring the trials we meet, abiding in patience and faith that good will prevail are just a few of the things that will guarantee our ongoing persistence in our recovery. Working the 12 Steps, while keeping a positive mind-set, gaining knowledge, and enhancing our hopeful, expectant and faithful mental state is also imperative in our progressive growth. When confronted with challenges or difficulties, examine all facets of the assessment watchfully to ensure an action of triumph. Pursuing our deepest desires brings with it the good judgment of God to assist us in surmounting life's obstacles. I've heard it said over the course of my recovery that "Knowing that God will make things right brings us confidence and hope in the midst of a confusing world." It is not necessary to exemplify our faith by artificial rules or regulations. Our attentiveness should be focused upon a strong and confident mindset towards God, and God's Will for us. As we Let Go and Let God direct our paths, He strengthens us, moulds us, and guides our way to carry out His Will. Displaying acts of faith in our daily endeavors brings to us encouragement, hope, and assurance that we will remain persistent on our journey.

Our willpower and perseverance should bring us long-lasting bliss because we know that we are determined to gain knowledge and strength. Being persistent toward achieving our goals in recovery will ensure our success, growth, ripeness, and the spiritual arousing that we seek. Let us experience and enjoy life's challenges and wonders. Let's live to our fullest potential. Let's achieve greatness in all that we do. And, most importantly, let's display and reveal our new and true character, all the love that has been integrated with our spirits. Finally, let's show love, care, concern, support, and interest to those who need it. Being driven by love should be our target as we live and abide by our immensely enhanced existence. Persistence is its own prize.

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