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Our Recovery for Addicts and Alcoholics section here at Recovery Life has a lot of information that is freely available because our ultimate purpose is to spread the message of hope that is available to us in our recovery through the 12 steps either in a drug rehab or not.. This site is designed to give you basic knowledge and awareness of the 12 Step program. Not only will you be led through each of the 12 Steps, but you will also be given some personal thoughts and feelings on each topic as it has applied to a personal experience of Recovery.

The founder of this site lived and worked this program of Recovery, and is grateful for the opportunity to share his experience, strength, and hope. He is a real Recovering Addict & Alcoholic, who has lived and applied these principles to his own Recovery. Now it is his hope that you too can achieve victory in your own recovery. His experience will hopefully show you the way to true peace, personal fulfillment, and spiritual enhancement. You can obtain a spiritual awakening as well, as you apply the 12 Steps to Freedom.

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