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The NA Fellowship for Addicts is a great program of Recovery. I am so grateful today. From the moment I surrendered, and stopped offering resistance, I have been given the opportunity to live anew. Yielding to the power of God has been a lifesaver. I had to forfeit my pride, admit defeat, and succumb to a Power greater than myself. I was able to trust God with my life, and to rely on Him for the direction I needed. I had a genuine desire to change, the opportunity to form into a spiritual being ? a clean, sober, responsible, loving person. My newfound commitment to positive growth was overwhelming, driving me to adhere to the principles of the 12 Steps. I completely devoted myself to living in sobriety, to do whatever I needed to do to stay clean and sober. I was inspired to renew my mind, body, and spirit. I gained the courage to meet dangers and difficulties without fear. I was bold in my determination to achieve renewal. I learned how to be humble, to regain freedom from pride and arrogance. I accepted circumstances that I had no control over. By applying these principles in my daily walk I started to feel uninhibited and unburdened. A new freedom had overtaken me, enveloping me with its serenity and grace.

Did all of this enlightenment and understanding hit me all at once? Absolutely not; however, as I kept steadfast in my pursuit for personal growth, ongoing sobriety, and peace of mind, I progressively stepped forward in my journey. I continued along this path by keeping focused and from persistently moving forward in my recovery. By enduring trials, and exercising forbearance I was able to persevere. Patience is an important virtue to maintain while in recovery. Easy does it. It isn't necessary to completely change overnight, and it isn't possible as far as I'm concerned. To my fellow addicts: Take it easy. Be resolute in your search for freedom from addictive addiction and alcoholism. Be teachable and open to new ways of living. Apply the suggestions offered through the Narcotics Anonymous Fellowship. Trust, and come to know your Higher Power. Work the 12 Steps. Read the literature. Share your experience, strength and hope with your fellow Addicts and Alcoholics. As for me, I have to attend a meeting every night; it keeps me sober one more day. If I do tomorrow what I did today, I will stay sober. One day at a time, always trying to remain focused, determined and motivated towards personal and spiritual growth in your recovery. The 12 Steps work; they are a set of principles written so simply that we can follow them in our daily lives. Keep coming back. Love to all, and thank you for allowing me to be of service.

by Terry D.

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