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I've noticed over the years in my recovery that numerous addicts and alcoholics just don't believe that recovery is possible for them. They've tried before without success. So I'd like to clarify this issue: If we believe with a glimpse of hope that recovery is possible, then we are opening the gateway to freedom. We have the opportunity to see the light of truth, the light that is available to guide our way. This light of truth is the 12 Step Fellowship, and all the people therein.

All the support, guidance, and tools that we need to succeed in our recovery are readily available to us. It does take work on our part to utilize these resources. Many addicts and alcoholics have found true recovery behind the walls of the 12 Step Fellowship. This is a simple program to follow, and all of the knowledge and understanding necessary for us to recover from addiction has been laid down before us. The noticeable fact that countless addicts and alcoholics have recovered is proof that recovery is possible, and that we do recover.

Addiction is a deadly, and destructive disease; however, we most certainly have the ability to overcome addictions disastrous affects. By following the guidelines of the 12 Step Fellowship, and by following the example of all the great people who have personally utilized the principles therein, recovery becomes very possible for us to achieve. Recovery becomes a way of life; a new, and exciting adventure that opens our minds and hearts to life, and all that it entails.

As we attend meetings, work the Steps, carry the message, and abide by the many principles that we come to learn in the program, hope becomes restored, and a new life of meaning and hopeful expectancy fills us with the drive we need to excel, and to recover from the lie's and trickery of addiction's deadly grips. As we surround ourselves with the new life that the 12 Step program gives us, we become enlightened to the path that will lead us to victory. We will not only recover, but we will also gain self-esteem, self-confidence, spirituality, hope, strength, and all the other advantages that the 12 Steps will provide us.

Those of us who fail to recover are merely not following the suggestions and principles of the program. This extremely important slogan comes to mind: "If nothing changes, then nothing changes." If we put into our recovery what we put into chasing that next bag, then we will recover. Strength of mind, motivation, and drive will set in and direct our path. We will steadily recover all that was lost in our active addiction. We will regain hope, reclaim success, and achieve the desires that we become motivated to fulfill. The path ahead becomes easier and easier to distinguish, and we start to construct an unyielding foundation that will enable us to live life on life's terms, while living without the desire or need of any sort of drug or alcohol. Recovery unleashes its benefits before us. We will not only recover, we will learn how to live.

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