Inspiring Thoughts at Recovery Life

In the 12 Step program, we learn to seek out and follow in the direction that our Higher Power leads us. We learn the importance of working the 12 steps to improve our understanding of purity, and the required steps necessary for us to terminate our character defects. Once our minds become clear, inspired, and positively driven then we can begin the process of true personal triumph. For us to succeed, we should always abide in watchfulness, and always be aware that it is our thoughts that determine our actions. Our existence reflects the thought patterns that abide within. When we acknowledge our Higher Power, and seek His strength, while escalating our minds to a greater realm, we are filled with strength, stamina, motivating force, and the knowledge necessary to carry out our endeavors.

As we meditate and reflect upon the goodness of our Higher Power, we gain the awareness and willingness to follow in the direction that it leads us. The thoughts that we visualize and ponder over will influence us to follow in their path. Our thoughts shape and form the circumstances that we encounter. As we totally concentrate our attention towards our thought process, its extreme influence upon us, and regard them as the necessary means for success and true fulfillment, we come into alignment with the power of our thoughts. The energy then produced propels us toward their intent. It is up to us if we want to remain stagnant in our recovery, or continuously gain positive insight and awareness.

The thoughts that we pay attention to are the driving force of our actions. Our thoughts determine our state of mind: either pleased or disturbed, joyous or miserable, serene or angry, positive or negative, rich or poor, strong or weak, well or unhealthy, cared for or unloved. Our thoughts will enhance, or tear us down, and can either motivate us towards righteousness, or disconnect us from our spirit. By thought we either introduce goodness, or bring disastrous results of our negative reflections. If failure, hopelessness, sickness, stress, anger, bitterness, or any other negative emotion exists in our lives, it is a direct result or our impure thoughts.

Because of our disease of addiction, a lot of us are wrong thinkers, largely as a result of our character defects. Dwelling on past resentments, hate, or anger is extremely harmful. These impure thoughts and feelings that we maintain break up our inspirations; they destabilize our intentions; and, they are responsible for our incorrect choices. However, by pure thought obedience we can be guided towards the right actions. Changing our thought process is critical for us to achieve true growth, and positive, forward progression in our recovery. All the troubles that we face are in connection with our thoughts. The world we live in is from our own making. Impure, unwanted, damaging thoughts must be seized, while fresh thoughts of positive, influential origin can be stimulated.

Victory of our minds opens new horizons for us to explore and embark upon. Endless opportunities await us as we always bear in mind that we must keep our thoughts positive, pure, hopeful, resolute, and confident if we wish to succeed and continue onward in our recovery. We who succeed do so through the correct process of thought. We first overcome in thought to bring about the actions necessary to succeed. Thought victory is the key to personal triumph in our endeavors. Let's use our minds to rise above life's darkness and despair, and to motivate us towards righteousness. Let's expand the limitations of our minds to exceed our perceived expectations. Thoughts of completeness will inspire us, and drive us towards its harmony. By concentrating our thoughts to achieve victory, and through the direction and guidance of the 12 Step program, we can obtain our goals and rise above the challenges we face.

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