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The first step into recovery requires honesty. When we are honest with ourselves, and people we come into contact with, then we step onto the path of positive growth. Therein lie endless opportunities when we become truthful and straightforward in conduct. Honestly working the 12 Steps will abundantly enhance your understanding of yourself, your addictions, your character defects and personality traits. What a difference true honesty can make when working the 12 Steps of recovery.

To be honest with yourself during recovery, you should not deceive yourself. We should be honest with ourselves concerning our character, especially about how we feel, our thought process, how we carry ourselves, and how we act and behave towards varying circumstances. There are countless advantages from being honest with ourselves. In our recovery, we are better able to notice our character defects, short-comings, negative thoughts, anger, and personality flaws. When we are honest with ourselves we gain the capacity for positive change to occur. Our desire for positive change helps us to feel better about ourselves. We become more aware of our true person, enabling us to have the opportunity to make the required changes necessary to grow in our recovery.

In our journey, it is just as important to be honest not just to ourselves, but also with our dealings with others. Why should we lie our lives away? Now we have the chance to make amends, heal our past wounds, rebuild our relationships based on trust, along with many other things that would be possible if we maintain self-honesty, as well as outward honesty. An ever-increasing amount of opportunities for personal growth in our recovery awaits us as we are honest about our addiction, our addictive behaviors, and our powerlessness. You will reap the benefits of working on honest program. By being honest, we are open to utilize the many other spiritual principles offered in the 12 Steps of recovery. I've learned that I must be honest regarding all aspects of my life if I am to continue along the road that leads to further personal growth, spiritual enrichment, and positive change. I am grateful to share this message, and it is my hope that we all can adopt these principles in all our affairs.

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