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The 12 Step Fellowship is of spiritual nature. Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, and all the other 12 Step Fellowships are not religious programs because we all are entitled to our own personal beliefs. Spirituality within the Fellowship is defined as behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes in a consistent manner, in which we acknowledge a power greater than ourselves. Subsequently, a belief in "God" isn't required, but is undoubtedly well-suited. Our Higher Power can be anything that is viewed as being a power greater than ourselves, which, ultimately, assists us on our journey, and helps us stray away from drugs and alcohol.

God is mentioned a lot within the program, but a particular faith, a group, the program itself, a sponsor, nature's Essence, or whatever we may put our faith in to provide us with the help we need to excel on our path, could be our Higher Power. With a Higher Power in our lives, we acquire peace of mind, endurance, strength, and understanding, as well as the knowledge essential to escalate above the problems we encounter.

The whole concept of a Higher Power is revealed through our fellow members of the 12 Step Fellowship. Everyone's personal thoughts on a Higher Power help us to find our own, or to relate with the notions expressed. We continue to see the miracles in other peoples' lives, within the Group, as a result of a Higher Power's assistance. We want what other people in the program have, so we learn to be compatible with the concept, and find our own Higher Power. When people talk about God, it is the God of their understanding. Then accordingly, we apply the notion to the God of our understanding. Faith and enlightenment surround the Fellowship, and we all adopt our own personal views about a Higher Power, and how we relate to Him in our own lives.

Our Higher Power provides help from either within or above. The important fact is that we receive this assistance when we call upon it. And the more our relationship grows with our Higher Power, the more assistance, guidance, direction, and strength that we receive. It is imperative that a recovering addict and alcoholic have faith and trust in the God of their understanding, or Higher Power. A strong, confident faith will ensure better results.

The Fellowship is certainly based on agreement with particular spiritual principles. As we develop spirituality, we are reducing our selfish motives, and we start relying more on help from above, the Divine Essence, from the All-Powerful Presence that will provide us with truth, knowledge, awareness, and success. Many addicts and alcoholics have succeeded in their recovery by adopting allegiance and reliance on some form of Higher Guidance. Spirituality produces humility that is the essential component of a successful, and fulfilling recovery.

The assistance received from our Higher Power may, or may not be noticeable, but is definite because we always obtain help in one way or the other, as we rely on our Higher Power for assistance. Our Higher Power will provide us with the skill, but in order to obtain the expected outcome, we must do our part by following the positive motivations given to us. It is always beneficial to remember that throughout our recovery, no matter what happens, our Higher Power will always be understanding, loving, and will always desire to lend a hand on our path. Knowing this, we can build a loving, strong, and faithful relationship with our Higher Power.

In order to ensure a persistent, successful recovery, it is necessary to establish a meaningful, confident, faithful, and strong bond with our Higher Power. Our Higher Power holds all the life-giving products together, and it's through our Higher Power that we attain true victory. Endless opportunities and chances for personal and spiritual development are made possible by utilizing our Higher Power to guide our way. No longer are we alone to battle life's perils, and to succumb to self-inflicted prisons. Love given, is love received in view of our Higher Power. We learn to work with our Higher Power to achieve victory from within, and to advance from the realm of the visible world. By developing our spirituality, while utilizing the assistance from our Higher Power, we begin to use the one component that holds everything together - our heart.

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