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Today, I live by easy standards that carry me through each day in peace, enabling me to overcome the perils that my current reality and surroundings bring to me. Primarily, I live by faith. Faith that God will restore all that was lost in my addiction, and thereby continues to keep me secure and safe in the serenity that I've found. My anchor that has been holding me firm is the process of acceptance that has allowed me to tolerate those things that I cannot change. Becoming disturbed or aggravated over petty encumbrances will only inhibit and disrupt my ongoing growth. Acceptance has allowed me to become open-minded, and helps me to concentrate upon the things that will heighten my mental and spiritual growth, enabling me to develop a secure foundation, which will help me on my ongoing journey. I've arrived to the conclusion that if I permit negative influences to control my thoughts and actions, I would become defeated, and my growth would come to a stop.

My attitude and reactions to circumstances has a profound affect upon my state of mind. I've already decided to remain positive and optimistic, keeping my composure, and never to give up the serenity that I have found through the program of Narcotics Anonymous. I concentrate and reflect upon all principles, values, virtues, attitudes and feelings that will build up and strengthen my personal growth. I will not alleviate or stray from the chosen path that has been set before me, in which I now follow.

I am becoming aware of all circumstances and situations that will hold me back and hinder me from further growth and development. I am following the staircase to Heaven, never again to tread upon the downward, endless spiral that only leads to chaos, destruction and darkness. The light and knowledge that I've found is comforting, surrounding me with its brilliance, allowing me to live within the serenity that it produces.

I have learned to abandon all of my previous addictive behaviors that caused my deterioration and insanity, pulling me within their grips, eating away at my soul, further crushing any life left within me. I have now acquired the ability to sustain from all negative, degrading, unfruitful behaviors and thoughts. Each day I'm now able to awake to the marvelous Presence of the Light that God has bestowed upon me. I have adopted an allegiance to adjust and form into that Light and follow in the direction that it leads me. I approach each new step with exhilaration, and faith, confident that only good will unfold. I avoid all negativity around me, utilizing my protective arsenal to divert all things within and without that may disrupt my focus, or interrupt my peace of mind.

What motivates me and gives me strength in times of weakness and powerlessness is the comfort, joy and enrichment that serenity produces. I am completely aware that the absence of serenity would lead me to personal destruction and anguish. I automatically stray and avoid stress and disturbance; assured that by remaining focused I will arrive safely to my destination without flaw or hindrance.

The means to obtaining spiritual awareness is to remain focused on the present, living just for today, not to dwell in the past, or be held back by past failures; furthermore, not to worry about the future, for you know not what the future will bring. By living and growing in the present, I will be setting the stage for a successful and fulfilling future. I now refuse to allow affliction, stress, or doubt to creep in my thoughts. For it is said, "As you think, so you are." I strive to stay connected and to coexist with the endless energy that is within and without. Within me are no boundaries, I am becoming aware of the power of thought. I've learned to let go of the bondage that was connected to my old wounds. Now I've closed the wounds of my past, cleansing my character defects, and all destructive setbacks. Elements of doubt keep me bound, unable to move forward in my recovery.

Greater awareness is possible through the good-natured power of God. If we come to believe that we are in this world, now of this world then we will tap into the energy we need to receive instant awakening of the spirit, and hope that greater awareness is possible. I've personally come to believe that I am a spiritual being, who is having a human experience.

Daily, I continue letting go of old thinking patterns that hold me back, and hinder my forward progress. I am inspired to achieve greatness in my spiritual journey. I can now refuse to allow doubt to intrude. I now live by simple spiritual principles. Foremost, I don't allow conflict to interfere with my quiet, calm, peaceful, serene train of thought; furthermore, I remain focused upon the direction in which my heightened spiritual awareness is leading me. The trail left behind, up to this pint, is gratefully left behind; it doesn't hold me back, or hinder my forward progress, or keep me bound. I am now Driven to spiritual maturity because I devote all of my energies to please and glorify the Divine Presence that surrounds me. The brilliancy of this Light that God has shown me clarifies my vision, and helps me to see the chosen path that has been set before me. I foresee great and wonderful things to come in this life with endless opportunities.

The armor that I now wear that God has given me is held together by faith, love, hope, joy, patience, perseverance, courage, strength, gratitude, sharing and caring, tolerance, and acceptance. Those simple spiritual principles are what keeps me abiding in serenity and moving forward in my recovery and personal growth. As I live in accordance with these principles, I am given the strength and inspiration needed to continue on the road to true peace, personal freedom, higher awareness and inner purity. The constant, ongoing renewal of my mind enables me to live an adventure full of new, exciting ways of living, living the N.A. way.

Because I have been connected with the program of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, I was given the resources needed to achieve this new way of life that I now live. The program has given me hope, and confidence that the impossible is possible. I now have 5 years in recovery, and I've taken several other recovery related courses to improve my knowledge of the disease of addiction. I truly hope that you've enjoyed this article, and there will be plenty more to come by me in the future. My hope is that my experience, strength and hope will help my fellow addicts, and to possibly encourage all addicts to keep coming back because our Fellowship is awesome, and does work.

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