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As we work a good program of recovery, we become open to things that you would never dream possible. If we continue to apply the suggestions of the program, we will be provided with endless amount of opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, achievement, success, awareness, and many other opportunities. This program is designed in a way that it really works in all areas of our lives. Working the 12 Steps will greatly enhance our opportunity to shine forth and excel in our endeavors. Applying the Spiritual Principles of the 12 Step Fellowship is another excellent way to bring about an abundance of opportunities in all areas of our lives.

Those of us who have stayed clean and sober for a while can understand the importance of working an honest and thorough program of recovery. As we continue to live, opportunities arise in our lives day after day. Personally, I am amazed at all of the opportunities for improvement and growth that has occurred in my life. I've learned that as I continue to work a program of recovery on a continual basis, I will not only stay clean and sober, but I will also have the opportunity to excel. As we continue to stay clean and sober, balance becomes a very important aspect of our lives. We need to learn to not only work on ourselves, but we also should improve our relationships, build a strong network of clean and sober friends, advance in our careers if possible, stay healthy and fit, and most of all love not only ourselves, but all who we come into contact with.

It is important as we progress in our recovery to apply the principles of recovery to our daily lives. It is one thing to read and hear about it, but what makes the difference is when we apply those principles to our daily lives. Addicts and alcoholics, in my opinion, do tend to want all of what we hear about in the program right here and now. In our addiction, we avoided all the important things that make possible these opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Those of us in recovery need to clear our minds, and take a step resolutely forward. By doing so, we take action to the suggestions of the program, and we learn, gradually, to apply the important Spiritual Principles to our lives, such as honesty, open-mindedness, willingness, faith, hope, courage, strength, love, and so on.

As we develop and mature in our recovery, we notice new wonders that were never possible for us in our active addiction or alcoholism. We start becoming grateful for the little things in life that now bring us satisfaction and joy. Our newfound strength of character helps to successfully direct our path, as we seek to achieve victory in our daily lives. We see life, in all its wonder, in a different, cleansed light. Opportunities to excel continue to provide us with new, and astonishing directions in which we can explore.

As we progress on our journey, we will be guided towards triumph if we apply the suggestions of the program. When we are ready for future opportunities to arise, then they will. As we work a good program of recovery, we will never be bombarded with too much to handle. When we are ready for these new opportunities to excel, then we will be guided successfully in their achievement. Right now we are exactly where we're supposed to be. As we take action to apply the suggestions of the program, like working the Steps, going to meetings, getting a sponsor, reading the literature and recovery related material, then we will surely move forward on our path. Great opportunities for growth are available to us through this program of recovery.

As we honestly seek to obtain the knowledge and awareness necessary to rise above the challenges of our present and future, we will be guided in the right direction as we search our newfound inner voice within - where dwells our Higher Power - for the knowledge essential for victory. We finally become aligned to our true paths. Gratitude overwhelms us with joy. We continue to strive forward in faith that only good will prevail. We take personal inventories to commence the removal process of our character defects. We follow the 12 Steps in order to reach our destination. As we apply the many principles of the program, opportunities to excel launch us into a new realm of victorious achievement. Our lives become more enriched with life and enjoyment. Our relationships grow, and we grow mentally and spiritually. Recovery is a process. There are endless opportunities for us to excel in every area of our lives. We continue to do our best not to remain stagnant as we start to get comfortable in our recovery. We continually march forth, expecting nothing but the best to unfold in our daily lives. We know, and have seen from others, that if we work an honest program of recovery, then nothing becomes impossible. Our old lives no longer have to hinder our forward progress.

As we live in our recovery, we focus on the path ahead, and we never forget that through this Fellowship, we are never alone, and we are free to talk and ask for advise when we need additional support. I good, strong relationship with a sponsor is really important in our growth process, and as we work the 12 Steps. Our questions no longer have to become unanswered. We are all loved and welcome, which is the awesome aspect that really allows this program of recovery to positively impact people's lives. You as well can obtain the endless amount of opportunities to excel in your recovery. Apply the suggestions of the program, and you will succeed.

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