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Xanax Treatment

Date : October 17, 2009, 12:00 am

The Basics
Xanax is a drug prescribed by doctors to individuals who suffer from anxiety, stress and panic attacks. It slows down the brain and helps produce feelings of calm, peace and relaxation. It often makes individuals feel drowsy and may be used as a sleep aid though this is not why it is generally prescribed. Individuals who do have a lot of stressors in their lives and experience high levels of anxiety may enjoy taking Xanax and find it difficult to stop because they have developed both a psychological and physical addiction to the drug.

It is fairly easy to develop a tolerance to Xanax. When this occurs an individual will need to take more of it in order to experience the same effects they had in the past. Because of this, individuals often begin taking more and more of the drug. This causes them to quickly run out of the medication. In order to obtain the drug after this occurs, many people will go doctor shopping visiting one physician after another, attempting to get them to prescribe Xanax. They may also engage in prescription forgery or steal the drug. It is also possible to purchase Xanax from street dealers.

An addiction to Xanax can occur quickly. A person can go from taking the recommended dosage to ingesting up to 30 pills a day. This can be quite dangerous and can cause an overdose and subsequently death. Danger can also occur if a person suddenly stops taking Xanax after they have developed an addiction to it. A person with a severe addiction or even a moderate one, who goes cold turkey, may experience seizures and/or convulsions. Therefore, it's important only discontinue the use of Xanax under medical supervision.

In the majority of cases when a person is treated for Xanax addiction they will first be required to go through detox. A licensed detox center can handle these duties. They will work with the addict to help manage their withdrawal symptoms so that they are tolerable. Next, residential treatment may be in order. This typically is only for short amount of time, often times, no more then two weeks. However this doesn't necessarily mean that an addiction can be "cured" within this time. Follow up treatment may be necessary and might include outpatient therapy or counseling.

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