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Morphine Rehab

Date : October 17, 2009, 12:00 am

The Basics
Morphine is a medication given for pain. It is extremely effective for this purpose. Morphine is a narcotic and is very addicting. An increasing number of individuals are beginning to use it recreationally, many developing an addiction to it. Other individuals become addicted to morphine after they had been prescribed the drug by their physician. Morphine can be taken orally, as a suppository or injected.

Morphine not only relieves pain but it also gives users euphoric feelings. It is physically addicting and is easy to develop a tolerance to. As a result, individuals will need to take larger doses in order to experience the same highs that they have in the past. Because of this, individuals will often quickly use up their prescriptions and will subsequently go through drastic measures in order to obtain it. This might include doctor shopping, prescription forgery and theft.

The Importance of Morphine Rehabilitation

It is very important for individuals with an addiction to morphine to get help. There are drug rehab centers that specialize in morphine addiction. There are also general drug rehab programs that offer special programs for individuals addicted to morphine. It may be necessary for an individual to go through detox prior to entering a rehab facility.

Morphine addiction can be devastating to an individual's life. It can negatively affect their work life and relationships with others. Because of this, it is very important for individuals to reach out to family members, friends or to contact a local drug rehab program themselves in order to get the needed help. Waiting offers no benefits to the addict. Instead, it can be very detrimental and will cause continual pain, damage and perhaps even death.

Some rehab or detox facilities may use Suboxone or methadone to help wean individuals off of morphine. Others do not. Quick detox is also an option. This allows individuals to cleanse their body from morphine extremely fast so that they can enter a rehabilitation facility much quicker then they would normally be able to.

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