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Methamphetamine Rehab Program

Date : October 17, 2009, 12:00 am

The Basics
Methamphetamines are extremely powerful and very addicting. They are stimulants that provide users with a burst of energy while also decreasing their appetite. The latter can lead to drastic weight loss. The feeling that best describes how a person feels after taking meth is a rush.

Meth can be injected into the body, smoked and also taken orally. The high or rush from Methamphetamine is fairly long-lasting, much more so than other types of drugs. Some individuals report that this high lasts for up to 24 hours. Methamphetamine causes dopamine to be released into the brain which is partly responsible for the pleasurable feelings the drug causes.

Methamphetamines can be very dangerous. It is very toxic and can cause damage to the brain. The nerve terminals which interact with dopamine can become damaged. When high amounts of meth are taken, the body's temperature can rise. If it gets high enough, it can lead to death. Convulsions are also a possibility.

Why Methamphetamine Rehab is Important

It will be very important for those addicted to methamphetamine to get help and in short order. Currently, drug rehabilitation is the best option. Persons who do enter rehab for an addition are often treated using cognitive behavior therapy, though other treatment models are also used. Behavioral cognitive therapy helps addicts change their thinking, behaviors and improves their ability to deal with life so that they don't choose to use meth to deal with whatever issues are affecting them.

Meth addicts are typically not given any type of medications to quell their withdrawal symptoms or to help them wean off the drug. However, if a person has extreme reactions to meth, they may be given Benzodiazepines. Neuroleptics may be given if they experience psychosis brought on by methamphetamine use.

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